Alcohol-Free Reparenting, Socialising & Creating: A Conversation With Ben Curtis


The lives of actors and musicians aren’t as stellar as they seem. From time to time, we hear news of celebrities succumbing to different addictions. Award-winning performer Ben Curtis wasn’t an exception to this notoriously unhealthy world.

In today’s episode, Ben tells his story of becoming a successful life coach. He talks about how being sober makes you more creative, not less. You don't need alcohol to stoke the fire of your creativity. Find out how you can reparent yourself into becoming a better person.

Tune in and be inspired to create a more fulfilling life through sobriety.

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Ben reveals how you can ENJOY YOUR LIFE without alcohol



DISCOVER the effects of alcohol on artists and musicians.


FIND OUT what reparenting is and how it has helped Ben in his journey.

Episode Highlights 

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"If I don't put alcohol in my system, I have a much better shot at feeling better but also being of service to the people that I am of service to. Also, I'm going to show up as a better husband and just a better human. I'm not putting something in my body that's poison and that is going to have a negative effect on me".

"Ultimately, it’s those things we keep secret that I believe feed our addiction, so the more we can just voice those things that we’re thinking about that draw us towards the dark or those things that we know aren’t good for us, it actually gives an opportunity and space to shift and move".

"You can't grow it through alcohol, through numbing out. You can only grow through feeling those feelings and being willing to come up against them. Like courage is not without fear, right? It's just embracing that fear and taking action anyway. So it is growing courage. You know, it's teaching your body and your nervous system that you're gonna live".

"I gave so much love outward, but I didn't know how to give it to myself. And that's been my journey and through honouring that, and through allowing myself to be lonely and feel those feelings, is how I've been able to help so many sensitive men during this time, or any men that are like, just feel stuck and afraid and alone. Just to know that you're not alone".

"Fuck what your mates are doing. Like, what do you need? What part of you are you not honouring that is just screaming inside to be listened to? And honour that. Maybe don’t drink today and see how it goes".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more about alcohol-free reparenting, socialising & creating, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode, and an incredible workbook designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Ben Curtis is an award-winning actor known for his roles in Spy, Echelon 8, and Mercy. He is one of three members of Dirty Mae, an New York City born-and-bred indie-folk band. 

Ben is also a life coach who specialises in guiding creative and sensitive men to step into their power and life.

If you want to know more about Ben's acting and music, you can check out his acting reel and Dirty Mae’s promo video.

You can also reach him on Twitter and Instagram.

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