How to Embrace Positive Disintegration 

with Bahman Zarghami


Throughout our life, we tend to pick up beliefs and values that we end up internalizing along the way. But when push comes to shove and we realize that these ideas do not hold up under scrutiny, where do we go from there? 


In this episode, high-performance coach Bahman Zarghami explains the theory of positive disintegration and why it's crucial to look inward in our pursuit of meaning. He argues that we tend to internalize external expectations at the expense of our personal development. Although his work focuses on brilliant and sensitive individuals, his insights can apply to anyone seeking to move past life on the outside looking in.  


Tune in to the full episode to discover why disintegration can be positive and necessary for growth.

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DISCOVER the theory of positive disintegration and why falling apart is a condition for coming together. 


RECOGNIZE the consequences of staying stuck in your old beliefs and values.


LEARN and apply the three ways of understanding and accepting yourself.

Episode Highlights 

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You really escaped something that you shouldn't be escaping. You should be facing this. You should be feeling this anxiety and pain and uncomfortable feelings that you have when you're in a social setting, or when you're studying, or when you're doing something that's outside of your comfort zone".

“If you grow up, you feel like you find yourself outside of yourself by achieving, by getting degrees, by finding money…[then] you find it, and you discover that you haven't found anything.”

“And we need to also look at progression as effort and not as achievement, right? If we see effort as the achievement, then every day we take, a little tiny step is already a win".

“We also need to look at this process as a blessing, as a gift. This is you—your mind, your subconscious telling you that this is not working. We need something else. This is not who we are. We can’t keep acting like this.”

“And in order to not go from one to two, one to two, one to two, we need to feel, we need to document, and we need to take every little piece of information that our mind is trying to tell us right now".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on how to embrace positive disintegration, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Bahman Zarghami is a high-performance coach who has made it his life’s mission to help individuals thrive in high-stress environments. He specializes in empowering the intellectually gifted and highly sensitive. Visit his website or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitch to learn more.  

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