Behind The Scenes Of Depression Anxiety And Emotional Overwhelm: A Conversation With Amie Barsky



Your day-to-day realities can leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed and trigger feelings of depression and anxiety. And resources such as self-help books, coaches, courses and apps can help you develop a self-care practice that best suits you. But with all the distractions around you, is it possible to connect to your most profound sense of self meaningfully?

In this episode, Amie Barsky talks about The Shift Method, an intensive experience she created to reset your mind, remove limiting beliefs and reframe your programming to reach your full potential. She shares her philosophy of balancing the brain, heart and body for the most significant change in your life to flow. Finally, she discusses how important it is to gain knowledge and awareness of yourself to access the power within you.

To know more about how you can start healing from depression, anxiety and emotional overwhelm, tune in to this episode.


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"I had a really negative attitude. I had a really pessimistic way of looking at life. I would never see the silver lining. I was angry. And I didn't like these things about myself, but I didn't know I had the power to change it until I knew I had the power to change it. So when I started doing that work, that was, in my opinion, what true self love is. It’s when you have the power and the will to accept you for everything that you are and then decide what you don't like to change".

"We've got to fill up our own cup first so that we can give to those we love, you know, our family, our friends, our communities. If I'm running on empty and I'm trying to give you something and I've got no gas in the tank, what am I going to get you?". 

"You've had a journey in your life, and you've gotten yourself probably out of like—you've climbed mountains. You've gotten out of the dark spaces. You've gotten yourself where you are today. So can you celebrate that of like, “Wow, I've been through a lot of shit and I'm still here. The fact that I am here makes me worthy”".

"Why not surround yourself with incredible humans who can lift you up and help you heal and get to where you want to go? Because you deserve this. We are meant to thrive in life. We're not meant to survive".

"Breathe. The bridge to life is breath. And knowing that you have breath every day means you're alive and that is a gift and let's just celebrate that gift of life and know that you are enough exactly as you are on the journey of divine timing and pure perfection".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more behind the scenes of depression, anxiety & emotional overwhelm, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode, and an incredible workbook designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Amie Barsky is an entrepreneur, self-development thought leader, a certified Health and Freedom Coach and the creator of The Shift Method. She helps high-performance professionals free themselves from anxiety, past trauma and emotional overwhelm so that they can live a life feeling clear, focused and fulfilled.

She created The Shift Method to guide people in getting over the hump of emotional overwhelm, anxiety and depression. For those who are feeling stuck and uncertain and know they want something bigger for themselves, Amie shares her method globally through one-to-one sessions, women's workshops and online programs. All of her teachings are centred on mindfulness and conscious living and designed to guide you into focus, clarity, bite-sizable goals and creating new pathways into an empowering and energetic life.

If you want to reach out to Amie, you may do so through Facebook or Instagram. You may also visit her website and YouTube channel.

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