Why Your Husband Is Not an Arsehole: A Conversation with Carlie Hageman


Relationships take work. When things go wrong, it may be easier to blame your partner. But in truth, what takes place is a disconnect between your energies. Taking full responsibility for what happens in your relationship and being understanding with your significant other are the first steps to intimacy.

In this episode, Carlie Hageman talks about why your partner is not an arsehole. She discusses masculinity, femininity and the dynamics of a healthy relationship. Also, she will help you understand your partner by explaining the thought process of men and women.

Tune in to discover Carlie’s insights on how you and your partner can have a deeper and more intimate relationship.

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FIND OUT why most marriages fail and how to make sure your relationship stays strong.


LEARN about masculinity and femininity and why you should understand them.


DISCOVER the beauty of art therapy, human design and reconnecting with your unique natural energy.

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"‘I think women have never really understood what the divine masculine is, which is just the most amazing, thinking, logical, results-oriented, concrete, sturdy, protective, incredible energies if they're in that beautiful divine masculine now. And it's not gender-specific either".

"Do you just have all shit handled all the time, and he doesn't know what the hell he's doing, so he's feeling really displaced? And when we have that conversation, it's just beautifully connective for the woman to go, “Oh, he’s not being a jerk or an asshole. He's actually quite lost”".

"If you do that, “Baby, I got this. I got this. I'm taking the reins.” Oh my god, you get the best sex of your life. You’ll get so much more intimacy because it allows us to sink back into our softness and our flow and our fire. And just, yeah, that creates that polarity which makes sparks fly and this is where so many marriages go".

"Most men were never taught as young boys and men to expand their nervous system enough to hold the feminine fire. Instead, it was closed down, clamped up, put up the wall. So as soon as the woman says something like, “Why do you walk ahead of me?” the masculine generally takes that as a criticism instead of, “She's trying to send me a message here. There's something important here, and I want to connect here”".

"Understanding that the divine masculine is linear, is results-orientated, is success-orientated, can help us women understand that they still have the same values as us, they just show it in different ways".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more about the episode and why your husband is not an arsehole, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Carlie Hageman is a mindset coach helping women reconnect with their dreams. She's a qualified social worker and art therapist. She is on a mission to guide women to their unique energetic blueprint by using human design teachings so that they can step fully into their purpose and impact for the world. 

Carlie focuses on women taking 100% responsibility for their own happiness and fulfilment through her coaching method, The Clarity Path, which takes women through four stages of reconnection, awakening, igniting and creating. Carlie weaves human design, breathwork, daily power move habits, visualisations, feminine and masculine embodiment work, money mindset breakthroughs and uses the Healy energetic quantum frequency device in her work. 

She also runs online programs Slay Your Sabotages, PURPOSE and The Joy Society. A mum of 2 boys, she is aware of the impact of doing our own healing has on the next generation.

You may reach her through her website or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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