Believe In The Power Of Your Voice With Diahnna Nicole Baxter


Our beliefs drive our actions, thoughts, and words. However, once we go through trauma, these actions, thoughts, and words can become radically different and even hurtful to others. Are we brave enough to face the dark and uncomfortable sides of our humanity? Do we have the guts to have conversations about it?

In this episode, Diahnna Nicole Baxter joins us to talk about being ruthlessly honest. She stresses the importance of facing difficult conversations to understand ourselves on a deeper level. It’s only with awareness that we can start the process of forgiveness and healing. We need to find balance and harmony, not only in ourselves but also with society. 

Tune in and be inspired by Diahnna’s transformational journey of using the power of her voice.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode


1. LEARN why people shy away from difficult conversations and how we can become ruthlessly honest.

2. DISCOVER how to expand your awareness and use the power of your voice.

3. UNDERSTAND why harmony is essential for us as individuals and as a collective whole.

Episode Highlights 

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“It's still rooted in this fear of the power of the woman. And I think that shows up in men as the repression of their own feminine energy, their receptivity, their ability, and to allow themselves to be vulnerable to be seen”.

“Much of my work was attached to my achievements and ‘look at what I've done - this, this, this.’ It wasn't until I started to soften and start to listen to my true desires, not what I thought I should have accomplished in order to be worthy, all of these things that I consider the feminine that I've been able. I'm still a work in progress on what that feels like to be in harmony”.

“This divine feminine rising is not a reaction to an old way. It's an embodiment of what is possible in a new way”.

“This divine feminine rising is also just a coming home, to that place in ourselves. Deep forgiveness, coming back home to the wisdom of the body, coming back home to the compassion itself, so that you can see others through the eyes of compassion, and understand that most people are reacting from some kind of trauma they've experienced as well”.

“It's usually your inner child and repressed energy that really needs to be nurtured. But it can't come from outside of you. And even if I were to destroy that man, my ego would feel great for a moment, right? But then I feel like shit, because once again, like what you do to others, you're really doing to yourself".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more about believing in the power of your voice, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About Diahnna


Diahnna Nicole Baxter is a director, actress, and producer who aims to address trauma as opportunities for ruthless storytelling. She co-created, co-wrote, and starred in SATACRACY 88, the first web series to win an Emmy Award. She also won the People’s Voice Webby Award. Diahnna produced Cowboy’s Girl, which screened at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival, Toronto International Black Film Festival, PAFF, and several other festivals.   

She has been involved in several television sets, including Tell Me Your Secrets, Scandal, True Blood, Jane the Virgin, American Crime Story and The Fosters. 

Aside from ruthless storytelling, Diahnna advocates transforming the body, mind, and spirit by serving as a Transformational Life Coach and Kundalini Yoga teacher. 

You can follow Diahnna’s work on her website. Reach her on Twitter and Instagram.

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