Living the Success Principles: A Conversation with Jack Canfield



We all want to become successful in what we do. But one way or another, life will inevitably throw us challenges and stumbling blocks. Learning how to face them head-on and not allow ourselves to get stuck playing the blame game will bring fruitful results. However, we often neglect the first step to achieve success, which is simply taking responsibility.  As much as we can't control the events that happen to us, we can control how we respond to them.

In this episode, Jack Canfield talks about his success as an author, speaker, and coach. He shares with us the secrets behind his success principles. Jack also mentions the sacrifices and regrets he had along the way to build his career. He shares concrete methods to heal and maintain our relationships with the people we love.

Tune in and be inspired by Jack Canfield’s principles for success!

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"You're never given a desire that you don't have the capacity to fulfil, and it may take some time. You may have to learn some new things, you may have to get a credential you don't have, you may have to go back to school, you may have to do some therapy and counselling. Work on yourself to get rid of the inner negative beliefs and the blocks and the addictions, and all the things that you talked about. But you have the ability, and so I always tell people, trust in your dreams".

"Everything you experience right now is an outcome of how you responded to an earlier event. Someone gave you a bottle of alcohol, you drank it. Then you got a different outcome when someone gave you a bottle of alcohol, and you say, “I don't do that”".

"I started looking at, what are the responses of successful people? What are they doing different than other people? And I realised they weren't blaming people. They weren't complaining about the stock market, they weren't complaining about their employees, they weren't complaining about their boss, they weren't making excuses. They were 100% responsible for their success, and for their failures—they own their failures. And so I started realising that 100% responsibility is really the way to play".

"So you have to ask yourself: Are the people and the environments that you're in, inspiring you or expiring you? Are they encouraging you or are they discouraging? Are they lifting you up or they’re bringing you down?".

"And so a lot of people, when they're in their addiction, they don't see the possibility of what it would look like. And that's why it's so important to create a vision and believe it's possible, and then turn it into goals and do all the affirmations and visualisation—deal with the trauma that created it in the first place.".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more about living the success principles, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode, and an incredible workbook designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Jack Canfield is a world-renowned transformational speaker and trainer. He has conducted over 2,500 events and workshops worldwide. Jack has devoted his life and career to helping others achieve success and create lives of greater joy, meaning and fulfilment.

His mission is to inspire and empower people to live their highest vision in a context of love and joy. Jack is the author of The Success Principles and The 30 Day Sobriety Solution, as well as the co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul

You may reach him through his website. You can also find him on Facebook or Instagram.

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