Compassionate Boundaries: A Conversation with Jessica Amos


When we define our boundaries, we send a clear message of our worth to other people. By drawing the line, we learn to prioritize ourselves and become more present and available to others.  

According to Jessica Amos, the problem is that we were never taught how to set clear boundaries. In this episode, she explains how to do just that. Jessica teaches us that unhooking and setting healthy boundaries allow you to show up for yourself. She also stresses the importance of consistency in boundary-setting and how to build trust and safety in your relationships. 

Tune in and be inspired to set your boundaries.

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How can you mindfully EXAMINE thoughts and triggers as they come? 


RECOGNIZE that harmful behaviours are consequences of weak boundaries. 


LEARN how to define clear, healthy and compassionate boundaries. 

Episode Highlights 

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"Part of why you're in the situation you're in is because you're trying to not be uncomfortable. You're trying to get back to some place of numbing or comfort. So the only way to get out of it is to really do the opposite and be uncomfortable with sitting with that craving, that need, that urge, that desire, and not acting on it".

"As you practise self-control around thoughts, you practise self-control around alcohol, even self-control around anything, you find that you now have more capacity and more ability to exercise that same thing with your thoughts and with anything else. So it's not to get rid of it, but just to know it's not yours. You have to adopt the belief that you're good".

"The signs are always there. It's like all of life wants to love you and see you well and happy and engaged. Life wants to live through you. It is constantly begging to live through you and in you. And it never stops. It never stops desiring you. Life desires you. And so that's why that's always there".

"If you are willing to go to give a bunch of time and thought and energy to this list of all the bad things that could happen, all the bad, all the negative, this is how all the things that could go wrong, and the worry and then this and that, then you must also give equal diligence to all the things that could go right. How could you not? In an endless world of endless possibilities, if you can entertain the endless possibilities of everything that could go wrong, endless possibilities of things that could go right also exists".

"Boundaries are the way that you communicate your value to other people. And you don't have to necessarily feel your value and your worth to communicate boundaries. I feel like they sometimes go hand in hand. As you begin to practise boundaries, you begin to feel a little stronger in who you are and in your worth, in your value".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on compassionate boundaries, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Jessica Amos is a meditation teacher, life transformation coach and punk rocker, as well as the founder of Stay with Yourself: The Practice of Being Who You Are, Where You Are.

Jessica wants to live in a world where everyone knows how valuable and worthy of love they are, always.

As a meditation teacher, Jessica is regularly featured on @insighttimer, the #1 meditation app in the world, and renowned for her TEDxSalem talk about healing anxiety through becoming your greatest friend and ally.

As a punk rocker, Jessica plays bass in the all-fem punk band, @hotsheetsband, and likes to joke that she’s “the world’s most okayist bassist.”

When she’s not coaching, recording new meditations, creating online courses or teaching classes in Salem, Oregon, you can find her watching movies that make her cry + laugh in equal measure, taking obscenely long walks (is all day ever too long?) and planning her next escape from the Internet.

Follow her on Instagram or send an email to [email protected].

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