Kicking Sobriety into Touch: A Conversation with Kieron Brady


No one is immune to alcoholism. Successful people can still succumb to it — this is what Kieron Brady, a famed football player, has experienced. His recovery was neither a linear nor a simple one. It started with the difficult step of accepting that he had a problem to solve.

In this episode, Kieron Brady talks about his journey. From being a Sunderland football player, he became an alcoholism consultant. He shares the different stages of alcoholism he experienced. Kieron shows how it affected the people around him. Gratitude, humility, and honesty became the cornerstones helping him to recover. Kieron’s life-changing journey made him passionate about recovery. He now works to share this with more people.

Tune in and take inspiration from Kieron Brady’s transformative journey to sobriety - let’s kick off the episode! 

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WHY are people not immune to alcoholism?

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"When you sit down opposite someone, and you have within your gift the ability to turn on what is being a fading light within their soul. That is incredible".

".Recovery is not about fighting. Recovery’s more about surrender, you know, because I was never ever gonna succeed, getting in a ring with alcohol time and time and time again, and it wasn't until some of the wiser heads and recovery says, the way you get through this is just not to get in the ring".

"It took me getting clarity to realize - my god, I was the only alcoholic in the house but I wasn't the only one suffering from alcoholism. You know, my alcoholism was sort of using me as a conduit to make other people neurotic...and it did that to my partner, it did it to my mother and my brother, my sister; and it caused me relationships".

"Eventually, they started to get it through to me do these things and you get your seeds for you no longer think about alcohol. And you no longer think about thinking about alcohol. And you get to a stage where you no longer love or hate alcohol. You're just indifferent to it".

"Putting down the drink is not the end, you know, it's simply the beginning".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on kicking sobriety into touch, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Kieron Brady was a professional football player who played for Sunderland and the Republic of Ireland. He made his first team debut at the young age of 17. Sunderland manager Denis Smith considered him a ‘genius.’ At the age of 18, fans regarded his performance against West Ham United as the finest Sunderland player performance. Kieron had to retire early at the age of 21 due to an injury.  

At present, Kieron continues his love for football. He is a Floor Manager for The Premier League and a Radio Presenter for the BBC. Kieron is passionate about equality and champions against racism, homophobia, and prejudice. He delivered over 500 training sessions on these issues. It was in 2012 that he became the first football player patron of gay pride. 

Keiron's experiences with alcoholism led him to become an Alcoholism Consultant at the SP Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions. He is incredibly passionate about recovery and guides people through the process, both professionally and non-professionally. 

If you are looking for addiction counselling, check out SP Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions.

You can also reach Kieron through his LinkedIn.

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