Social Grace and Sobriety: A Conversation with Michael Bojarski


Our relationships with other people are incredibly important in our lives. We sometimes take those around us for granted, but communication and active listening is key to making social interactions pleasant. 

Life is precious — we may have an abundance of time, but our addictions can take everything from us if we are not mindful. This is why Michael Bojarski advocates for both social courteousness and sobriety from alcohol. He believes these things ultimately transformed him into the better person he is today.

In this episode, Michael discusses his insights about being sober and the difficult path it takes to get there. He talks about his early years and how masculinity is often linked with drinking alcohol. He then mentions how sobriety has brought about a new self that is much more of a man and much appreciative of life and the people around him. Finally, Michael shares that admitting your weakness is the first step to overcoming addiction.

Tune in and be inspired by Michael Bojarski’s journey to sobriety and reflections about alcohol.

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LEARN about the importance of manners and polite communication in today’s age.


DISCOVER how alcoholism spirals out of control and why it reinforces a negative feedback loop and vicious circle.


FIND OUT why sobriety entails self-reflection, admitting weakness and valuing the time we have and life itself.

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“Everybody just slows down for a minute. If we just use those common courtesies and basic manners, it would slow people down and get everybody to breathe first, and it would remove that hostility. I just think we need to recheck ourselves and if we just did, everybody that lives that little thing, to quote George Bush, it'll be a kinder, gentler nation”.

It's the great unknown though. You get comfortable and you get on that track. And you're all good with it, until you're not. And when you try to get out of it, you try to break it. You're scared, you have to admit that, that what you're doing wasn't right. You have to admit to yourself that you don't have the control over something that everybody around you does and participates in. It's very humbling”.

It's not so much the alcohol, it's the reality you're running from. I used to think, “Oh, god, you're kind of addicted to it.” Once you remove it, it's just not there. And it's trigger points. It's not a physical trigger. It's always the mental or emotional trigger that does it. So it's not the substance to me, it's the reality”?

You have to know yourself before you can present yourself to the world. I wish I would have known that a long time ago. You have to really know yourself. You talk a lot about the inner child, and I think a lot of addiction is because we turn away from our inner child”.

““You are going to be afraid sometimes,” would be a great subject for composition in an English class. I mean, just to talk about it even, would so help people as they grow up, and they face all these obstacles, and they turn to substance abuse, to think that it's going to be better and it just gets worse”.

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

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About Michael


Michael Bojarski embraced sobriety the day after Valentine's day and has been in the community for a year. He believes that quitting drinking alcohol has been a fundamental step to making him a better person and appreciating life and the time he has left. He joined the TED Global Idea Search with the topic, ‘When and why did we lose our sense of manners and grace in social interaction’? and will be speaking on the TED stage.

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