Awakening the Fierce, Freak Self: A Conversation with Natalie Kabenjian



Sexuality and pleasure are complicated and taboo topics. It is human to have desires and fetishes, yet we don’t fully express them, even to our partners. We even feel negative emotions, such as shame, fear and guilt, whenever we think about our pleasures. However, a sexual partnership requires the willingness and curiosity to satisfy. Your desires may be different from your partner’s, but what matters is you explore them together.

In this episode, Natalie Kabenjian shares how she coaches couples and empowers women to reconnect with their sexual desires and communicate them to their partners. Specifically, she talks about The Erotic Blueprint™️ and the five arousal languages. She also discusses why trust, presence and empathy are all important to your sex life.

Tune in to learn about Natalie’s erotic blueprint for a pleasurable sensual relationship.

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WHY do we feel ashamed of our erotic language?


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"Essentially, there's nothing broken about you. Everything is information, right? But a lot of times we tend to think because we have these desires and we don't have a framework to put it in or an effective way of communicating that with ourselves or with our partner, ultimately we feel like something is wrong with us. And there isn’t".

"I want us to be our freakiest selves. I want to let my freak flag fly. And the more accepting we become of that and the more comfortable we become with that bit in ourselves, it ripples through and then you'll see it too".

"Sex is a spectrum. You would have to ask yourself, ‘What do I perceive sex to be?’ This is where The Erotic Blueprint again will come in. Because there are many ways of having sex, of being intimate with somebody or being in your erotic expression. It's not just penetration".

"That's the beautiful part about partnership. It's just the openness and the willingness to play, to be curious. Again, no right or wrong. There's nothing broken. It's just a matter of, ‘Do you want to go on this ride with me?’ and then feeling like it can be different for us but we're doing it together. We're two wholes, essentially, riding this wave, as opposed to halves coming together to make a whole".

"There's a lack of presence in this world. And oftentimes it's because we're hardwired for connection and yet there's such a fear of it. We're so afraid to be seen, to be received, and to also look deep within ourselves and to truly feel".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more about  the awakening the fierce, freak self, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode, and an incredible workbook designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Natalie Kabenjian is a pole artist, teacher and somatic healer who has helped women from all walks of life rise in love with themselves and reclaim their power through feminine movement.

Natalie is also a pleasure embodiment and sexual intimacy coach, who is certified in The Erotic Blueprint™️ and the five erotic languages. Deemed a conscious, compassionate rebel, Natalie helps people in partnerships become more erotically empowered in their sexuality and live unabashedly in their own badarse brand of pleasure. 

She helps them to not only embody their desire but also to connect and integrate that with their partners’, activating each other to heal, grow and discover new flavours that could elevate their partnership to the epic climax it deserves and beyond. 

Natalie's ultimate mission is igniting and inspiring people to live their most radically turned on lives possible, to rebel against their pain and forge their own pleasure revolutions and to awaken their animal within and be their fierce, freak selves without limits.

You may reach her through her email. You can also find her on Facebook or Instagram.

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