Finding Freedom and Development Through Surrender: A Conversation with Orpheus Black


It is possible to feel suffocated by society's rules. Society dictates how we are supposed to be and what forms of self-expression is acceptable. Our communities impose strict rules on us, and anyone who deviates from the supposed normal is shamed and judged. Because of this, many of us mask our true selves and suffer in silence. Free yourself from society's shackles. Relinquishing control is freedom in itself.

In this episode, Orpheus Black talks about using submission to find freedom. His teachings can help you in building the best version of yourself and reveal the relationship between control and addiction. You will also learn the factors affecting suppression.

Tune in and surrender to Orpheus Black’s journey towards self-discovery.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to the full episode



UNDERSTAND the benefits of embracing submission.


LEARN more about ritualism and how pseudo rituals they tie to addiction.


DISCOVER the distinction between collective and individual effort.

Episode Highlights 

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"We all engage in this space; we all do it, whether we want to admit to it or not. We're hiding from other people, because we don't want to be shamed about it".

"Submission is giving yourself over to the process. It's believing that there's a way of being that doesn't have to stand in the face of-to contradict, to confront, but to allow and to give yourself… this permission to be happy, permission to be free of your problem, permission to really let go of all the things that are hindering".

"There's so many people out there really suffering and struggling, when what we're describing here is just to submit and to just to be a human being and to experience this trigger, this feeling, this urge, this desire, and know that it's within your power to just write it out because you're a human being".

"My teacher said get on the floor. Now get up. I just taught you the hardest thing that you'll ever have to do. Get up on your own. Get up on your own two feet. And when someone knocks you down, I'll be here but you still have to do the work".

"That is the explicit agreement that we have with each other. And when you fall, we get down there with you. And we wait ‘till you get up. Someone will be here when you pick yourself up. That helps a person feel safe like they can do anything".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on finding freedom and development through surrender, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

About the Guest


Part spiritual therapist, part bedroom sorcerer, and all badass, Orpheus Black is a Los Angeles-based public speaker, teacher, thought leader, and somatic visionary who specializes in the application of ancient wisdom in modern day settings. Known widely for his dynamic sexcraft and ear perking shows, Orpheus is perhaps distinguished from his peers by his caliber of showmanship and polish in front of a crowd. He’s a rare pedigree expert, who regularly demonstrates his prowess and intelligence from on-stage, in broadcast television, and in up-close and intimate classes.

Through his continued efforts, Orpheus aims to propel the intellectual and sensual evolution of masculinity both by challenging men to reconnect with its roots and by inviting them to embrace manhood in its fullness, the way strong modern men wish it to be. In this role, he shares insights, offers tools, and speaks against societal norms of shame and repression. He does it all with the earnestness of a therapist, the knowledge of a guru, and the charisma of a stage performer too.

You can get in contact with Orpheus Black through his website to learn more about his classes and private sessions, and have access to his books. 

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