Money in Relationships: A Monologue from Lee


People rarely talk about money. It’s a topic most of us would choose to avoid because an argument is not too far off when money is involved. However, if we continue to push it aside, financial issues between partners can build up and eventually cause the relationship to implode.

In this episode, I talk about the importance of discussing money and financial concerns in relationships. It’s a difficult topic among couples, and it’s essential that we overcome the taboo around money to normalize talking about it. Likewise, discussing your finances will allow you and your partner to have more confidence to spend on your needs.

Tune in and be the best version of yourself for the benefit of your partner and your relationship!

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1. LEARN about what you can do to lessen the shame and fear around money.

2. DISCOVER the importance of financial autonomy.

3. KNOW more about the reason why money is a challenging topic in relationships.


Episode Highlights 

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“Never rely on a man financially. Because if you do, you'll be stripped of power and you'll feel like you need him. Not just for love, connection and companionship but in a more toxic sense”.

If we're not operating from a state of abundance, presence, love, compassion, empathy, open-mindedness, open communication — what I say above the line behaviour — if we're not doing that, then it could lead — and it does to me — to poor boundaries”.

I think that the energy tied up in all the shame and the fear around money, is really toxic for a relationship. And it really impinges on your ability to be above the line more often, to be conscious more often, to be more aware and more attentive about what's going on because there’s too much drama in your life”.

Drama is just going to suck the energy out of you. Drama is just going to make sure that you're never where you should be, which is above the line, being present and open minded and aware about stuff”.

“When it comes to money, talk about it. Find a way in your everyday life, that talking about money is a part of your relationship".

Learn More About This Exciting Episode

To learn more on money in relationships, please sign-up to receive the show notes for this episode designed to accentuate your learning on this topic.

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He is married to 1000 Days Sober coach Liza Lim, and they have two children, Jude and Zia. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California. When Lee is not helping people see the truth about alcohol, he is a writer, producer and content creator in the poker world.

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