The First Rung


Laurie and Nicky arrived at 1000 Days Sober lost in the melee of alcoholism. Today, as 1000 Days Sober Sobriety coaches, they guide others through the STRIVE Method for Addictions workshop, helping them build their rockets so they can fly to Mars.

Laurie and Nicky were, what I call ‘lurkers’. Each arrived at 1000 Days Sober a long time before putting their heads above the parapet, and I am so glad that they did.

These two strong and powerful women remind me how challenging it is for someone to come to terms with alcohol addiction. The shame surrounding the confession blinds you to the truth - you have to speak out, or else you lose yourself in it.

It’s for this reason that I have created ‘The First Rung.’

I want you to sample our goods.

Our education.

Our philosophy.

Our support system.

So, get climbing, and when you get stuck, hold your hand out, and someone will be there to pull you up.

Much love.

Lee Davy
Founder, 1000 Days Sober.



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Meet the team

The Strive method

STUCK: Harry the hummingbird 

THOUGHT: Place, space, time, sacrifice

READY: Ritualisation 

INITIATIVE: Dislocation

VIGILANCE: Moderation


The next rung?

Your Guide Through The Framework Will Be Lee Davy Himself

The founder of 1000 Days Sober and a very groovy man.

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